Dedicated Transportation Services

How can you better manage cost increases and get more time and resources to focus on your business objectives?

It’s easy: just use our dedicated refrigerated fleet, which provides consistency and predictability of cost management. Our transportation professionals will customize a cost-effective solution for you by leveraging our fleet capacity, industry-leading technology and our strategic network.

Using our dedicated fleet enables you to place the many hazards of transportation and distribution on our shoulders. We assume the risks associated with compensation, cargo liability, insurance coverage, asset investment and maintenance.

Benefits of using our dedicated fleet services also include:

  • Free up capital for investment in your core business; improved ROI
  • Time and cost savings associated with driver recruitment, hiring, training, scheduling, payroll and benefits
  • Eliminate liability, regulations, and the training and safety issues associated with private fleet ownership
  • Guaranteed capacity and the flexibility to handle incremental demand
  • Access to our strategic network serving over 600 communities in BC

To discuss our Dedicated Transportation Services, call 604-472-2130 or use our Contact Us link.