Quality Control & Food Safety

Quality control and food safety are of utmost concern when transporting perishables. Fortunately for you, we wrote the book on the topic (we mean that literally: the book is called Best Practices for Handling Perishable Freight, and it’s the outcome of us spending half a century handling fresh and frozen products for BC’s most respected food companies).

We’ve combined experience with best standards and practices from around the world, and our guidelines are scrupulously adhered to by every one of our employees.

This isn’t rocket science, it’s just common sense: since hazard analysis and critical control points programs vary from shipper to shipper, you need a freight carrier whose standards are up to par (incidentally, our best practices meet or exceed HACCP standards).

Of course, standards are only as effective as the people who carry them out, so we
extensively train everyone in temperature control, mechanical refrigeration, and proper air circulation. They’re also trained on the impact of temperature fluctuations on perishable commodities, shelf-life comparisons, and the importance of pre-chilling and warning signs of temperature abuse.