Refrigerated & Frozen (LTL) Services

As consumer demand for `fresh’ intensifies and concerns over food safety grow, it’s critical that your perishables arrive at their destination cold, crisp and fresh.

Achieving this requires special equipment and expertise – which we have in abundance. Our large P&D fleet is equipped with reefers, cold-walls, temperature probes and other specialized handling equipment. We also have multi-temperature storage (frozen, cooler, dry) throughout our province-wide facility network, as well as environmentally-controlled cross-docks for the proper handling of refrigerated and frozen commodities.

Our transportation management system is another component that helps ensure your products are delivered safely, where and when you need them. And each of our facilities has a contingency plan to protect your goods in the event of equipment failure or power outages.

Equally important, we’ve adopted tried and true Standard Operating Procedures and Best Practices for handling perishables.

All of these components make us the largest, most experienced provider of temperature controlled less-than-truckload service in BC. When it comes to transporting perishables quickly and safely, we know how to do it – and we do it right.

Other perishable capabilities include:

  • A strategic network of service centers, serving over 600 communities Within BC.
  • Overnight service (including Saturdays) to most BC communities
  • HACCP compliant procedures to meet your quality control requirements
  • Direct-to-store-deliveries and dedicated services
  • Customer-friendly web services to increase your productivity reduce costs and meet your communication needs