Our People

Efficient customer service not only requires modern fleets and advanced technology – it requires committed, talented people to use these resources to their fullest advantage.

That’s why as proud as we are of our `stuff’, we’re far more concerned about teamwork, enthusiasm and professionalism – the very elements that define a successful company.

It’s our people that give us the competitive advantage, and over the decades we’ve retained a substantial and wide-spread team whose skills are unmatched in this industry.

We continue to attract new talent, and although we expect a lot from everybody, we have their backs at all times – from orientation and training (one of the most extensive programs anywhere) and throughout the evolution of their careers.

By insisting on the best, we’re able to deliver seamless and consistent performance throughout our network. And the outcome is customer satisfaction.

We’ve said it many times before, and we’ll say it again;

You can count on our people to deliver.