The Environment

Saving money – and the environment

Download LibraryBeing green doesn’t necessarily mean customers have to pay extra – at least, not in our case.

We’re leaders in green initiatives, but due to a host of strategies we’re also able to set reasonable fuel surcharges that cover unpredictable fluctuations in diesel fuel prices. Since fuel is a high operating cost for motor carriers, saving fuel helps us reduce costs. And by actively practicing fuel conservation, we’re able to pass on our savings directly to you

Of course, cutting fuel usage throughout our fleet also means our carbon footprint is reduced, and we’re committed to continual research, investment, and implementation of fuel conservation solutions.

Some of our practices include speed restrictions, zero idling, and equipping the majority of our line haul fleet with aero-dynamic trailer skirts that significantly reduce drag. Tires with a lower resistance rate also reduce fuel consumption.

Other carbon management strategies include;

  • Electric forklifts and hybrid diesel electric reefers
  • Driver training and incentives to promote fuel-saving
  • Real-time equipment performance monitoring