Our Founding Values

There’s a reason our service has remained consistently excellent for over 50 years: it’s because of our unwavering commitment to our founding values.

When we first opened for business in 1957, it was with the conviction that integrity, accountability and teamwork had to be the cornerstones that would build our business – nothing less would do.

Integrity to us means that we always do what we say, follow through with no shortcuts, and perform to the best of our ability.

Accountability means we hold ourselves responsible for our performance. We acknowledge any mistakes and learn from them, and we take any opportunity to refine our skills and self-develop.

Teamwork is the glue that binds all of our actions: we help one another learn, improve, and see the job through, secure in the knowledge that our individual efforts benefit the common goal of satisfying your needs.

Admittedly it hasn’t always been easy to live up to our own standards. But our adherence to our founding values has guided our behavior and decisions over the decades, allowing us to develop extremely strong relationships with you, the client, as well as with those inside our organization.

These values define Clark Freightways – and we will always live by them.