Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions – Cargo Claims

Who may file a loss and damage claim?

  • The shipper, the consignee, or a third party who has title to the goods may file
    a claim.

What documentation is needed to submit a claim?

  • A claim must be presented with a statement describing the lost or damaged goods
    and how the amount of the claim was determined. The claim must also be supported
    with a copy of the paid freight bill or bill of lading, a copy of the vendor’s
    original invoice detailing discounts; other documents may in some cases be accepted
    to establish the value of the goods. In some cases a copy of an inspection report
    may be required. For a detailed list, please refer to the Claims page.

How do I submit my claim?

  • A claim may be submitted by email or by fax (604) 472-2137 directly to our claims
    department in Coquitlam, BC. A standard claim form is not required so long as all
    required documentation is provided. However, a Clark Freightways claim form may
    be downloaded directly from this site.

What is the time limit for filing a claim for loss or damage?

  • A notice of intent to claim must be filed in writing within sixty (60) days from
    the date of delivery of goods, or in the case of non-delivery within nine (9) months
    from the date of shipment. The final claim must then be filed within nine (9) months
    from the date of shipment.

Do I have to retain damaged goods after delivery?

  • In the event your shipment or a portion thereof is damaged during transit, the damaged
    articles must be retained along with all of the packaging material until picked
    up by the carrier or until the claim is settled. It may be necessary for the carrier
    to inspect the damaged articles and/or packaging and the damaged articles may ultimately
    be retrieved by the carrier as salvage to mitigate the claim.

Do I have to have my damaged goods inspected by Clark Freightways?

  • In general, all claims must be inspected. However, when the claim is under $500.00
    or for other reasons, Clark Freightways may elect to waive the required inspection.
    Contact our Claims department or any branch to request a claims inspection.

Can I deduct the amount claimed from my invoice?

  • Never deduct the amount of a claim from your invoice. Your claim will be processed
    as quickly as possible once received. Claims with unpaid invoices will not be processed
    until paid in full. To contra the carrier’s receivables is not a legal remedy.
    However, freight charges may be considered in the final settlement.

How long will it take for my claim to be settled?

  • Generally claims at Clark Freightways are settled within 30 days, in fact over 90%
    are settled in 30 days or less. The presentation of a well documented claim with
    all required documentation greatly assists in the timely processing of a claim.

How do I submit a claim for concealed damage?

  • If you signed for your shipment as free and clear and later identify damages, you
    must immediately stop unpacking the freight and request an inspection by Clark Freightways.
    All original packaging must be retained for inspection. Failure to request an inspection
    may result in the declination of your claim.

Why is the carrier not responsible for articles shipped as SWS (Shrink-Wrapped-Skids)
with a STC (Said-To-Contain) notation?

  • In some cases shippers tender freight to carriers in a configuration that does not
    permit the carrier to confirm the piece count. In these circumstances the carrier
    will notate that the shipment was pick-up with an un-confirmed count (STC) notation
    on the bill of lading. If the carrier delivers the handling units intact, the carrier
    cannot be responsible for packaging errors.